Black Dream Duffel Bag - Large

Black Dream Duffel Bag - Large

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Black Dream Duffel® - Complete Package - Large

Duffel Dimensions: 33" x 17" x 17"
Overall Dimensions: 38" x 23" x 19" (includes pockets, wheels, and trolley handle)
*This size is considered "oversize luggage" by most airlines. Please be aware that you may be subjected to an additional charge if using while travling via air. 

Holds Approx. 10-15 Costumes
Storage Volume: 10,692 in3

Weight (Empty): 17 lbs.

Complete Package Includes: 1 Large Black Dream Duffel, 1 Regular Side-Zip Garment Bag, 1 Wooden Hanger, 1 Accessory Box, 1 Black Folding Stool

Black Dream Duffel Features:

  • One-Touch Telescoping Garment Rack (Rack Height 52")
  • Rolls with Ease with Retractable Push Button Handle
  • Lift and Carry with Top and Side Handles
  • Insulated Snack Pocket
  • Folding Stool Pocket
  • Interior Mesh Pockets for Additional Storage
  • 4 Interior D-Rings on Trolley Side of Duffel
  • Exterior D-Rings for Attachments
  • 2 Blank Velcro Patches for Personalization
  • 2 Top Bar Clips to hold your Top Bar to the frame of your bag
  • **NEW** Double USB Port
  • **Bonus mini pocket**